Learning from the monastics - for a post-covid 19 world.

What makes this training program a unique and life-changing adventure?

An outstanding team of trainers and lecturers

you won’t find another program with a staff that’s quite as experienced and diversified as ours is, coming from all walks of life: Start-Up pioneers, Pastors, Senior Managers, Special Forces, Movement Leaders, Catholic monks, Musicians and many others.


3 weeks pilgrimage across Europe

And for fun, you’ll get an
initiation in Archery

Enduro 48

a challenging endurance event in the Swiss Alps; during 48 hours participants are confronted with significant physical and psychological challenges. It’s a personality training, aiming to help you evaluate who you are and find a purpose worth living for.

Getting to know several New Monastic Communities across Europe.

In a nutshell:
It’s an extraordinary adventure built on
solid lectures, personal challenges, team experiences and Faith.

Further benefits
  • Opportunity to apply for the Order of The Mustard Seed (OMS)
  • Assisted by a Team Coach during the entire program, helping you to build your own New Monastic Community
  • Becoming partner of the New Monastic Round Table
  • Joining the 24-7 Gatherings
  • Getting credits from the largest theological institute in the German speaking world
  • For Swiss only: possibility to become part of an intentional community for the duration of the program (2 years)
News / Stories

Application for European Round Table is open

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In the upcoming months you have several possibilities to meet the team:

... other than that: Please drop us a note or come and visit us in Switzerland.

Application open:

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Coach Questionnaire
Basic information FAQ
Curriculum / Overview

The “Adventure of the 300” is learning journey that is open to anyone who is interested. It is not exclusive - but it is designed for people with a certain desire and dream on their heart. It is for people that are attracted by intentional communities and/or new monastic movements. You may want to grow more into the life of a punkmonk yourself and become part of the new monastic order (http://orderofthemustardseed.com/en/home/) or you may want to become (or already are) part of a pioneering team to start an intentional community in a European city.

Objectives of the journey

Pioneering New Monastic Communities. Encouraging, training, coaching and sending groups of young people to plant kingdom families and 24-7 new monastic communities (intentional communities) in a European context. Sending out new members of the OMS (Urban Monks). Encouraging young people to discover their own calling to join the Order of the Mustard Seed and to coach them along their way in order to live their life as an Urban Monk.


The cost of the journey is: Annual fee of EUR 1600.- (or CHF 1900.-) for singles and EUR 2500 (CHF 3000) for couples.  To be paid upfront, before the study year begins  If you have any issues concerning money, please contact us The fee includes:  Costs of education (Lectures, skype sessions)  Accommodation expenses (full board) for the on-site modules  Travel and food supplies during ENDURO48 (Outdoor module)  Costs for Round Table  Certificates Excluded are:  Travel expenses to on-site modules, 24-7 Gatherings and the New Monastic Round Table  Costs for 24-7 Gatherings  Expenses during Pilgrimage  Expenses for books


The programme takes place in modular format at the Manor House community (Switzerland) and the polylux community (Germany), as regular online sessions and as Independent Study Time.
  • Individual coaching, mentoring
  • Team coaching
  • Project facilitation / management
  • Systematic lecture
The programme combines breadth and depth, theory and practice; the idea is to make an immediate and lasting impact on your calling.

The training is given by experienced leaders in their fields. See also team.

The completion of the training will take the form of a three-week pilgrimage across Europe.


All training will be given in one of the six areas:
Kingdom theology

Amongst others:
Missio Dei, Kingdom of God (Intention, Covenant, Scope), Kingdom values and ethics, counter cultural, contextualization, Narrative theology, Storytelling, parables, symbols, biblical revelation via stories of life)

Understanding society

Amongst others:
Shift in values and how to engage with our society; individualization, secularization, materialism)


Amongst others:
Creativity, Innovation, out of the box, flow, God is The Creator)

Living in community

Amongst others:
Building and leading communities, team phases, team processes, team roles


Amongst others:
A view on radicals and radical movements (from Desert Fathers to Waldenses and Moravians)

Shaping your personality

Amongst others:
Cultivating Solitude as a Place to Rest in God; Solitude as a Furnace of Transformation, prayer, What's your calling? Bivocational ministry?)

All courses are given in English. In a 1:1 context or for clarification, German and French are also options. Translation into Egyptian Arabic is possible.

First Year

(From August to July)
  • On-site modul 1: Manor House Campus (Switzerland): 10 days in August
  • On-site modul 2: European City (24-7prayer gathering), 3 days end of October
  • On-site modul 3/7: Neubrandenburg (Germany), 3 days in February
  • On-site modul 4: Bernese Oberland (Switzerland), 5 days adventure in the beautiful pre-alps (ascent days)
  • Online videoconference: 1 sessions per month
  • Independent Study Time: reading assignment, reflection tasks

Second Year

(From August to September)
  • On-site modul 5: Manor House Campus (Switzerland): 7 days in August
  • On-site modul 6: European City (24-7prayer gathering), 3 days end of October
  • On-site modul 7/3: Amsterdam, 3 days in March/April
  • Pilgrimage of 21 day (somewhere in Europe):
  • Online videoconference: 1 sessions per month
  • Independent Study Time: reading assignment, 1 implementation project and 1 reflection paper


The class graduates together on the occasion of a 24-7 international gathering somewhere in a European city.
A certificated is handed over to you.

Yearly roundtable

The Adventure 300 is seen as the start of a life-long learning process.

That’s why A300 alumni have the opportunity to return to campus every year to take electives and to join the yearly Round Table, a best practice meeting between New Monastic Communities across Europe.

The Round table is hold in Switzerland for the time being. Join the growing movement of new monastic communities in Europe.

Share and learn from/with others.



The next roundtable takes place:

August 25-27th, 2023

Stay tuned. See the Website for the information.



The “Adventure of 300” is organized within the 24-7prayer Switzerland and 24-7prayer International framework.

The main contributors are active members of 24-7prayer Switzerland living in the Manorhouse Community Steffisburg and Stadtkloster Community Thun.


On this journey you will be trained by professionals in their releveant area. We will have a variety of different teachers from age, life experience, cultural and theological background. All handpicked by the Adventure300 Team and fully commited to invest in you.




Adventure of the 300
Sonnenweg 6
CH-3612 Steffisburg